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vivez_le_jour's Journal

Live for the Moment - London
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Hello! Welcome to Vivez le Jour, a historical RPG set in 1811, the first year of the English Regency.

Feel free to join, watch, or ask a question. Important informational posts tagged 'important' and 'informational.'


1. Be nice. If you feel like being mean to each other (veiled insults do count,) do it somewhere else. However, if you find your conflict interfering with the game, contact a mod and we'll try to sort things out.

2. We mods are history geeks, and as such, we would like you to keep this game as historically accurate as possible. If you've got a question about historical accuracy, or as to the appropriateness of an action, don't hesitate to ask a question. :)

3. There is a three character limit to each player, because to allow more would be insensible and perhaps place too much demand on the player's time. If you feel like you can handle four, ask a mod and we'll consider accommodating you.

4. We would be tickled to have historical figures or characters from period fandoms join our game; however, if you feel like playing a real person (Prinny, Lady Caroline Lamb, Beau Brummel, Jane Austen) or a character in a famous series (Aubrey-Maturin, Horatio Hornblower, Richard Sharpe, Lizzie Bennett...) we'd prefer it if you knew the character and Regency/military/naval terminology well enough so that no one would question your ability to stay realistic and in-character. If you don't know your terminology, ask a mod for clarification, chances are we'll know!

5. When posting in the community journals, use third person, past tense. When posting in personal journals, use first person, past tense. Diarists were very common during this period of time and so it would not be a far-fetch if players were to treat their characters' journals as their characters' diaries.

6. Explicit material is to be placed behind a cut and appropriately labeled, clearly. Some people may not be interested or they may be checking the game at school and/or work. Vexatingly long entries (of which are encouraged) should be placed behind a cut as well. You can learn how to make a cut through LJ's nifty FAQ.

7. About slash... some people don't like it, y'know, and some people do. But so long as you're somewhat in-character and time conscious (sodomy was still a crime in England at the time and men could be hanged for it - so please realize that it wouldn't be likely for a man to go around advertising), go right ahead. Het writers, be tolerant of the slashers and vice versa.

8. Please Friend ALL of the affiliated communities and mod journals, otherwise you may end up missing out on important information and/or announcements.

9. Most of all, relax and enjoy yourselves. ^.^

Affiliated Communities

This game will be played on a network of affiliated communities to keep everything as organized and as easy to follow for our players as possible. Each community will be the setting for a different aspect of the game, and relevant entries or threads should be posted to the appropriate community. For example, threads taking place at sea will be posted to vj_seven_seas. Please friend all communities so you know what's going on - and, if you simply wish to watch the game's progress, do so as well. Only the game entries occurring in London will be placed in this particular community journal.

vj_ooc for OOC talk/discussion and mod announcements;
vj_logs for live rp chat logs;
vj_continent for action on the Continent;
vj_gazette for in-game news;
vj_isles for the gentry's country estates where they'll go after the end of the Season, also where the great ports of England can be found;
vj_royal_post for mail - a pseudo post-office;
vj_seven_seas for action at sea;

The way things work

When you choose a character a journal will be created for you. (The Mods have a system of journal-naming which will keep the game organized and uniform.) What you need to know about your character's role in the story will be explained by your head mod (which depends on where you're playing; on land, at sea, or at Almack's, hee.) Then go ahead and play your weasely black heart out. :)

Side note: the mod controlled characters are mod-controlled because they are...to put it bluntly, way too easy to corrupt.

And since the possibility of us getting a full ship's complement, times four, are very small you can npc officers, sailors, powdermonkeys, etc, that you need to order around. Additionally, players can also npc their characters' families and close friends until such time as these positions are taken by another player. Then it is up to the players to coordinate their characters' relations to one another.

And that's it. Any more questions, don't hesitate to ask; email or comment at any one of our journals (preferably your head mod's one.)

Common Abbreviations

AP= Almack's Patroness
A/M= Aubrey/Maturin Series Character
HH= Horatio Hornblower Series Character
H/R= Historical/Real Character
MCC= Mod Controlled Character
ORGNL= Original Character
PLT= Plot Character
S= Sharpe Series Character

Helpful Links and Other Information

vj_mod1 Visit Mod1's journal to find such references as an explanation of the Social Season, the proper way to address a peer, and a compilation of common English slang of the early nineteenth century...among other things.

vj_mod2 Visit Mod2's journal to find information about the Royal Navy; what exactly a poop deck is, and what a sailor meant when he said "Avast!" among other things.

vj_mod3 Visit Mod3's journal to find information on the administration of the communities, etc. She's not quite as learned, but she's just as eager.

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